About Us

Who Are We?

Senior Care Connect Inc. is your one-stop shop for senior care. We are an education and referral service for seniors and families looking to explore senior care options. We provide seniors and their family members with assistance in connecting with senior service care providers. Through our consultation, education and referral services we can assist you in connecting to a home care provider or care residence that meets your desired care needs.

Our Background:

Senior Care Connect Inc. (SCC) was developed as a resource to assist seniors and their families in connecting with senior care providers.

SCC is based in a background of Social Work practice in senior/health care planning.  The experience behind SCC includes:

  • hospital social work
  • discharge planning
  • inter-professional collaboration
  • community crisis intervention
  • cancer care
  • palliative care
  • community outreach and education
  • amongst other areas

Through SCC’s experience, we are well aware of the numerous issues impacting the senior population, and hold a wealth of knowledge regarding the health care system and senior care planning.  SCC understands that there does come a time when we all will need some assistance in managing our care. SCC is also aware that, for many, the process of finding care to suit one’s needs can be an overwhelming experience.

Let us do the work and help you through the process.

If you know someone who no longer is managing well on their own and are ready to seek out supportive care, Senior Care Connect may be able to help you.

Why Use Our Services?

  • Consultation and Education: On possible care options, what to look for, how to navigate the health care system, etc.
  • Time Saving Resource: For those unable to spend the time exploring various care options
  • Third Party Professional Opinion: For those seeking an unbiased honest perspective on care options
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing you or your loved one’s care needs are being addressed

Mission Statement:

Senior Care Connect Inc. endeavors to connect seniors with the care they need, by bridging the gap between care seekers and care providers. In this process, SCC aspires to educate the community on available care options and to simplify the complexities of the health care system, in order to allow for well informed decision making.

Vision Statement:

Senior Care Connect Inc. strives to be the leading Senior Care Referral service in the Greater Toronto Area.


  • Integrity: Working to act in the best interest of clients
  • Support: Helping our clients navigate through the process of arranging care
  • Education: On available care options for seniors
  • Empathize: With the challenging circumstances of seniors and their families

Want to learn more about us? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section

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