Frequently Asked Questions

Senior Care Connect Inc. (SCC) was developed as a resource to assist seniors and their families in connecting with senior care providers.

In Ontario, CCAC, is the central hub in order to access government funded senior care support (home care, long-term care).  No such equivalent however exists for those looking to access or navigate alternative or private care options (private home care, retirement residences). As a result, those who want to explore private care options have been left on their own to research and seek out such services. SCC looks to fill this gap (within the GTA), and  be the one-stop shop to help you connect to alternative or private care providers who can meet your desired care needs.

As our mission states:  “Senior Care Connect Inc. endeavors to connect seniors with the care they need, by bridging the gap between care seekers and care providers. In this process, SCC aspires to educate the community on available care options and to simplify the complexities of the health care system, in order to allow for well informed decision making”

Given the limitations of government-funded care, there are those who will have the need to seek out other care options. SCC is here to help you research and connect to these alternative or private care options. Benefits of working with SCC include:

  • Consultation and Education: On possible care options, what to look for, how to navigate the health care system, etc.
  • Time Saving Resource: For those unable to spend the time exploring various care options
  • Third Party Professional Opinion: For those seeking an unbiased honest perspective on care options
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing you or your loved one’s care needs are being addressed
  • And our services are at no direct cost to you

No, you can access both. In fact, many seniors and families make use of both publicly and privately funded senior care. As a citizen with a valid OHIP number you are can have access to government funded home care or long-term care( if found eligible), so we encourage you to first access these resources. SCC is here to help those who feel publicly funded care does not meet all their presenting needs, and are interested in exploring other senior care options in the private sector.

The best time to explore senior care options is when one is doing well. Planning ahead is always a good idea! If you are not in need of home care or looking for a retirement home, we can still provide you with relevant information regarding senior care and navigating our health care system. You can stay up to date with relevant senior care information by:

  • coming out to our community presentations
  • inviting us to speak in your community setting
  • stopping by our table at your local community fair
  • picking up our SCC educational handouts
  • signing up for our monthly newsletter
  • viewing our “Insights” section on our website

Having the information pertinent to senior care now will allow you to plan ahead and make informed decisions about your care for the future!

No problem!  Give us a call, tell us what’s happening and let us help guide you. Even if your needs do not match with our services, we will work with you to guide you in the right direction and let you know who or where to go to have your need met.

SCC is not affiliated or funded by government resources; we are a private organization developed to be an additional resource to those seeking senior care services or education.

SCC is a privately owned and operated organization. Our operations are supported by the revenue gained from providing services to our clientele and partners. Our compensation is provided to us by our various community care providers and partners, as well as through service fees. This allows for the means to keep SCC running to provide its services to the community.

For Referral Services/Consults: There is no direct cost to seniors/families for research/referral to retirement homes or home care, if one moves in/purchases home care services, as our compensation is provided by our community care providers and partners.

For Consultations: Service fees may apply for scheduled/ booked consultation sessions, as well as for tour accompaniment to retirement homes.

For Education: For organizations/companies looking to book SCC for speaking engagements or workshops there is a presentation fee billed to the booking organization or company.

SCC will advise and provide information regarding any retirement homes /care residences that we are aware of that meet your needs. SCC’s values are based on integrity and we will not knowingly with-hold information regarding any retirement home/care residence which may meet your needs. If there is a residence that suits your presenting needs, we will present it to you as an option.

SCC staff providing education, consultation and/or referrals, are NOT sales people or marketing staff. SCC is based in a background of social work practice with seniors in the health care system. The experience behind SCC includes:

  • hospital social work
  • discharge planning
  • inter-professional collaboration
  • community crisis intervention
  • cancer care
  • palliative care
  • community outreach and education
  • amongst other areas

SCC is well versed in both government funded and private senior care resources. When you work with SCC you are getting professional experience and advice from staff who have worked front-lines with seniors/families navigating the health care system.

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