Bounce Back Your Mental Health
June 1st, 2017

Up to 30% of adults aged 65+ experience mental health challenges which can lead to a lower quality of life and independence. Why is the rate so high for older adults? Some of the causes of anxiety and stress for older adults can include: More frequent loss of family and friends, Loneliness, Caregiving challenges… Read more

Rechargeable Hearing Aids Are Finally Here!
May 1st, 2017

Hearing loss is the third most prevalent chronic health condition facing older adults. As the baby boomers age, the incidence of hearing loss is increasing substantially. Presbycusis, also known as age-related hearing loss, first affects the higher frequencies, reducing the clarity of speech, and later affects the low frequencies, reducing the volume of speech. Studies suggest it is linked to a higher incidence of Alzheimer’s, dementia, falls, depression, and income decline. This is why early intervention… Read more

Boomers…. It’s Time To Exercise
April 1st, 2017

We’ve all heard that physical activity is important for all ages groups. If you are over 50, however, I suggest to pay special attention to this popular advice. The aging population in North America is growing fast. In fact the aging population (65 years of age and over), will be one of the most significant phenomenon of the next half century. In Canada, by 2021 there will be almost 7 million older adults, representing 19% of the total population… Read more

Why You Should Care About Your Feet
March 1st, 2017

Foot problems are often neglected and overlooked by people of all ages, even-though most of us will experience foot issues at some point in our life. In fact, a study showed 3 out of 4 people will develop some sort of foot issues as they age1. Foot problems in seniors are very common as it contributes to pain and injury, and can lead to the loss of mobility and independence. The dangers of neglecting your feet can directly impact your balance and gait, increase your risk of falls, develop diseases and infections, and ultimately reduce your quality of life…. Read more

Show Us Your Smile
February 1st, 2017

A healthy mouth is important for maintaining quality of life, especially for the sick, the elderly and residents in long-term care or retirement homes. With proper oral hygiene many seniors are keeping their teeth longer than ever before and dentures do not have to be a fact of life. For those wearing dentures, it is still important to keep them clean to avoid any oral health problems.

Oral health is an important part of overall health and there is a correlation between having periodontal (gum) disease with an increased risk of developing heart disease, stroke, and respiratory disorders… Read more

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