Are You Asking Your Doctor The Right Questions?
October 2nd, 2016

Research shows that individuals who have a good relationship with their health care team receive better care and are happier with their care.1 Patients and families who engage with a health care advocate are more likely to ask relevant questions that may help reduce the risk of errors and hospital admissions. Your health depends on good communication. … Read more

Cancer Support: The Practical Help You Need, But Don’t Know About!
September 1st, 2016

Cancer….This one word alone elicits feelings of great fear and distress in many of us. This is the one word no one ever hopes to hear when they visit their doctor. For those of us who unfortunately are dealing with this diagnosis, or know someone who is, the impact on one’s life can be extranomical.  […]… Read more

Is It Time To Downsize?
August 1st, 2016

The real estate market of the Greater Toronto Area has provided its residents with the opportunity to sell their detached homes for $800,000, downsize to a condo for $300,000 or a bungalow for $550,000 and keep the difference minus mortgages and fees. This has empty nesters and seniors…….. Read more

Can You Hear Me Now?!
July 1st, 2016

In today’s ever changing and demanding society, people are often reminded that one of the most important things they can do for themselves is to take care of their health. This principle becomes increasingly more relevant as we begin to enter our “golden years”, where many seniors may find themselves in a higher risk category for a number of age related health concerns. In general, most of us are quite diligent at scheduling regular check ups with various health care professionals… Read more

Dementia Education Without Leaving Home
June 1st, 2016

“I’d like to learn more about dementia and how to care for my mother, but how can I attend a workshop when I can’t leave my mom at home by herself?”
Research studies have shown that education and support for the caregiver has positive effects. However, those who are caring for a person living with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia may have difficulty accessing the education that they need in order to feel more confident that they are providing the best care possible.

Read more

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