Living “at Risk”: It’s My Right !
March 6th, 2016

  Today we wanted to touch on a topic that is quite sensitive to many : The right to live at risk! Now you may ask, why would anyone want to choose to live at risk? Before you pass judgement let’s explore the matter a bit more closely.1  Let’s explore a common scenario: You or […]… Read more

Plan Well, Live Well, Retire Well: Why Pre- and Post-Retirement Seniors Should Have a Financial Plan
February 1st, 2016

Today’s article will focus on the importance of financial planning and the impact it can have on your life and lifestyle post-retirement. There are five topics that will be touched on and are strongly advised for anyone who is in or getting ready to enter into retirement. One should take these issues into consideration and speak to a professional about what you can do to prepare yourself and family for post-retiremen… Read more

January 13th, 2016

I’M STILL HERE! These are the sentiments of many of those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia. These words express their feelings of being treated differently,  being talked about  instead of  being talked to,  and even  being ignored all together. Well for the record, they want us all to know…. that they are STILL HERE! Take a […]… Read more

If You Care, About Your Care, Then Care Enough To Read This….
December 12th, 2015

Happy Holidays to you all!!! As the year draws to an end, we can’t help but want to continue to give back to our communities in the best way we know how. By equipping them with the insight and knowledge they need about our health care system and planning for our care as we age! […]… Read more

Here Today…Gone Today! : The Assembly Line of Hospital Admissions and Discharges
November 15th, 2015

Your mother has been struggling to manage at home for months now. She’s more unsteady on her feet, has had a few falls,  is growing weaker, her memory continues to get worse, and with each day is becoming less and less able to carry out basic daily tasks without challenge. At this point, you just […]… Read more

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